Presenting Celio’s Lessons in Style

December Must-Have: The Quilted Gilet


Dying to take on this winter in stye? I have the perfect piece of clothing for you. Yes, we do love our jackets, cardigans and hoodies in winter, but lately, I have been sporting a quilted gilet - basically, a sleeveless jacket, which you can wear over your shirt and zip up with effortless ease. The quilted gilet comes in a variety of fabrics, faux fur or even knitted. Its primary function, in the past, has been to keep one warm, but it has evolved into something quite stylish, with a strong preppy appeal.

The ‘Gilet’ is a straight-fitted waistcoat that is a lot thicker than an ordinary waistcoat. It can be zipped, buttoned or even left open. It is actually the quilt factor that does the job of warming. This has become my go-to accessory this winter. The thing I really find interesting about this is that it keeps you warm but at the same time the garment is absolutely light and comfy.

I personally find that it looks best when worn with a formal shirt (and tie), over slim chinos and leather shoes or loafers. Alternately. a gilet works perfectly well over a super casual look featuring trousers/jeans and a tee. Ideally, you should layer it over something really light. Even with shorts, it could look pretty nifty.

As you can see, I've done some very basic pairing with my gilet, in these pictures. Red espadrilles add the right dose of colour.

So guys, get your hands on a solid quilted gilet this season and up your style quotient in an instant.

The #GroomingGuru

Photo Credit - Daniel Bitton, Paris

Pre-Winter Pick: The Signature Blazer


Summing up two and a half centuries of men's formalwear in a blazer is no easy task. Today, a blazer is required to fit perfectly into the wardrobe of a modern man, with effortless ease and yet uphold an age-old tradition of menswear. What I love most about a blazer is the fact that it so conveniently creates a cross between formalwear and casual wear. Today, it has established itself as the ultimate men's semi-formal or smart-casual garment.

Going back nearly three centuries when the classic men’s formal suit made its debut, the blazer came in just a couple of years later, originating, as you would expect, from the classic suit. The idea came to life when Cambridge University’s boat rowing team decided to have a special coat that was like the classic formal coat but with a much sportier feel to it. It didn’t quite seem like a formal coat nor a casual jacket, hence the term ‘Blazer’ kicked in.

Blazers are meant for places where an all-out formal look might not be required, but where an altogether casual look might be frowned upon. Though your normal blazer shows off quite a relaxed fit, it still cuts sharp on the shoulder and can hug close to your frame. When it comes to colours and textures for blazers, the list is endless!

In these pictures, I've chosen a simple grey blazer, with a minute texture, and it pairs perfectly with the light cotton henley that I am wearing inside.

My personal favourite colour picks for blazers would be grey, navy and beige, and for textures, checks and micro-houndstooth I think, are just swell.

Have you picked out your signature blazer for the season? Maybe you want to experiment and get an unusual one to make a stronger style statement? Or perhaps, you want to keep it simple like my signature grey blazer?

Watch this space for more style updates.

The #GroomingGuru

Photo Credit - Daniel Bitton, Paris

Seasonal Essentials - The Jumper


Could there be anything more comfortable than your favourite jumper? I don't think so. A simple woollen or cotton long-sleeved, buttonless jumper can make quite a fashion statement when paired with panache. Alternately, I love the zip-up versions too as they are so versatile and can be paired with almost anything. Also, a cool zip-up jumper is the perfect travel attire. This trend is one of the most significant trends every year during the fall-winter months.

The Jumper qualifies as one of my 'seasonal essentials', which means that you absolutely MUST own at least one of this in your wardrobe. So here's are two seasonal jumpers that I picked from Celio India's current collection.

My favourite way to wear a jumper is over beige chinos or trousers. It strikes a middle ground between casual and formal. I might add a touch of semi-formal into this by wearing casual brown or black sneakers or loafers.

If you're looking for a more causal look, club the jumper with a pair of slim-fit jeans, preferably black, grey or blue. In addition, a pair of funky slip-ons would be perfect to complete the look.

Here, I wore a preppy jumper with stripes of navy, steel blue and solid red that really stands out. I keep it simple at the bottom with a pair of my favourite dark blue jeans.

For my second look, I choose this snazzy zip-up jumper with an indigo finish. Blue always does the trick, in my opinion, and when it comes with an accent or an effect, even better. This jumper worn on beige trousers with brown shoes is a look that goes completely against the cliché and is something I’d love wearing on a daily basis this fall.

Conclusion: Once you get attached to a jumper, you literally want to pair it with almost anything. Trousers, jeans, short and, as I have often done, even with a formal shirt. (I've often been pulled up for wearing my casual jumper over a dress shirt, but I think it's pretty cool).

Stay tuned for more trends from our series on Effortless Style, on the streets of Paris.

Till next time

Riaan George


Photo Credit - Daniel Bitton, Paris

Print of the Season: Paisley


Hello Guys. Over the past few months, we've noticed that the paisley print has become increasingly popular. In fact, this season, it really has become one of the most important and visible trends in fashion. From swim shorts and silk ties to shirts and patch pocket tees, they are being spotted almost everywhere.

The paisley trend is part of a larger trend of print in menswear. For those of you who would like a backgrounder, you might have already seen the mango-shaped paisley print on many Indian fabrics and saris.

However, in recent times, it has taken on an international avatar, becoming an extremely popular motif in casual wear. Today, nothing could be more chic than a paisley polo or a shirt.

While this print continues to be seen largely on shirts and tees, it is also commonly used in accessories like silk ties and pocket squares.

I snuffed out a few interesting paisley print pieces from Celio India's collection and here's how I paired it.

I chose this white linen shirt, with subtle micro-prints. I rolled up the sleeves such that the colour of the inner sleeve i.e, navy blue complements the colour of the print. This shirt, when paired with simple beige chinos (and red espadrilles) makes for a nice outdoor, casual look.

Throw on a blazer and you could dress up the look a bit.

Similarly, it might be a good idea to look for some paisley print tees. Look how I sported this simple grey jersey tee, and jazzed up the look with a pair of red pants.

Here are a few quick tips for wearing paisley

  1. Keep the colours within the same palette range. The prints are already quite active, you don't want to add more chaos with flamboyant colour combinations
  2. Play with different shades of one colour -- maybe different shades of blue appearing in different parts of your overall look, or maybe even dashes of red
  3. Remember that paisley is permitted in a MICRO format. Oversized paisley prints are a strict no-no
  4. Keep the rest of your attire simple when wearing a paisley printed shirt or tee

Stay tuned for more trends next week. Till then...

Stay Stylish

Riaan George


Photo Credit - Daniel Bitton, Paris

Hottest Menswear Trend: INDIGO


There's nothing more elegant in a man's wardrobe than his collection of, well, blues. There are myriad shades of blue that I could name, however, today, we focus on indigo -- the perfect blend of richness and fun.

Arguably one of the biggest trends in menswear right now, I've been noticing the indigo fad everywhere. From tuxedos and jeans, to shorts and shirts, the potential of this colour is limitless. Everyone's wearing indigo in some form or the other.

Some sources claim that Asians used indigo dyeing as a staining technique for interior design, mainly for curtains and furniture. Over a period of time, this method made its way to the Greeks and the Romans, where it was valued as a luxury product. However, India is believed to be the oldest centre of indigo dyeing in the Old World. It was a primary supplier of indigo to Europe in the Greco-Roman era. This was then applied to clothing and hence formed a trend, and a very unique one for that era. And as you can see, the trend is making a MAJOR comeback in modern times.

For this season's collection Celio has gone all out on indigo, by giving it a quintessentially modern touch. And we aren't talking about chemical dyes here. We're talking about the real deal. Celio has used real indigos to get that unmistakable combination of deep blue and violet. Hence, indigo is part of the Fall-Winter 2015 colour palette for men and I can safely give it the tag of 'must-have' for the season.

Personally, I think that the best way to pair indigo is with brown. For both semi-formal and casual, the job is quite easily done. Picture yourself, perhaps, with an indigo coat and brown trousers, or perhaps a complete indigo suit with a sharp white shirt and a slim tie. Dapper indeed!

So guys, get your hands on something indigo this season as it really is the biggest trend right now. There's no denying its royal appeal and does look quite effortless. Which is what we're after, isn't it?


Photo Credit - Daniel Bitton, Paris

Style for men who don't have to try 'too hard'


Hello Guys. After a wonderful and refreshing summer break, we at Celio India are back with a brand new collection and a whole bunch of new trends. Celio has always stood for men who don’t have to try ‘too hard’ This is a philosophy that I personally swear by. Style, especially for men, needs to be effortless. Never artificial, never contrived. Always understated and always ahead of the curve.

People often ask me to give them tips on being 'more stylish'. The best advice I can give them is to keep it simple. Follow the trends if you must (yes, trends to make it easier for you to decide what you should and should not be wearing), and make sure there is a sense of restraint in everything you wear. Remember, these days, more is less. If you choose to wear a statement pair of trousers, let the rest of your look be simple and vice versa.

Back to the philosophy of style without trying too hard, this season we've got a bunch of wonderful trends coming up. We went to the streets of Paris to shoot some of our favourite looks, just so that you can recreate these trends in your daily life. From paisleys and jogger shorts to denim and prints, stay tuned to the Celio India Blog for my perspective on menswear and just how you should be adopting trends this season. You can count on me for authoritative, insightful and accessible fashion.

Stay Stylish

Riaan George


Photo Credit - Daniel Bitton, Paris

5 Rules of Printed Polos


If you’ve read my previous blogpost on the current trend of printed polos, you’d probably realise that now’s a good time to go out and get yourself a few nifty printed polos. Printed polos are, of course, a HUGE trend this season and that’s what we intend to talk about too. As for colours, I recommend that you embrace them with gusto. I’m talking about bright reds, blues, greens and oranges. Please steer clear of those jersey greys and insipid whites. It’s time to shake things up in the world of men’s fashion.

There are five basic rules when it comes to printed polos. And here they are.

1. Printed Polos are ALWAYS to be paired with a basic bottom —The concept is simple, you are visibly making a statement with the top half of your ensemble —your printed polo, in this case —so the bottom has to be as toned-down as possible. A pair of simple chinos, jeans or even beige shorts do the trick. Don’t ever let me spot any of you gentlemen sporting a printed polo with a pair of striped or printed trousers. That would just make me cringe.

2. Prints are NOT feminine —Our forefathers may have taught us that checks, stripes and solids are the only way to go for a man’s man. But let’s face it, we are men of the 21st century, and we have indeed warmed up to the idea of sporting prints. I, for one, am quite happy to wear paisleys and floral prints.

3. Button Up —One of my Parisian buddies once took it upon himself to fix the collar button of my printed polo, and he told me that’s “how the Parisian boys do it!”I looked myself in the mirror and I was surprised to see that a small little button could instantly transform my look. All of a sudden, my polo went from conventional and predictable to ultra-contemporary.

4. Replicate Your Colours—If there’s a red print on your polo, maybe you’d like to wear red shorts. Or if your navy polo has white prints, then white trousers or jeans could go perfectly. Replicating colours from the top onto my bottoms, and vice versa, is something that I really enjoy doing. It shows the world that you’ve put some thought into your ensemble. (219)

5. Polos are perfect for layering and for accessorising—Throw on absolutely any layer and you could make it work. When the bright colour of your polo’s collar pops out of your pullover, it is always so fashionable. As for accessories, throw on a hat and a few accessories, and you could go do a cool hipster-chic look in seconds.

Stay tuned and watch this space to know what’s trending this season. I’ll be around to tell you what’s in and what’s not, and just how to style your favourite pieces with effortless ease.

Till then…Stay Stylish

The Grooming Guru

Photo Credit - Daniel Bitton, Paris

Lessons in Linen 1: Rock The Prints and Checks


When you think linen, it is easy to get swept away by images of the ubiquitous white linen shirt paired with crisp chinos or jeans. Or you could think of solid coloured linen shirts in hues of pink, blue and green. That’s what linen has come to represent for many of us. However, at Celio, we like to raise the style quotient a bit. So while you will find your favourite solid coloured linen shirts, I do encourage you to experiment with your linen garments. Prints, checks and stripes – there’s just so much you can do. Just like I did over the past years, start easing yourself to the idea of wearing linen as an easy replacement for your standard cotton garments.

Here are a few ideas that I played around with… A few looks that are super easy to do and that anyone can pull off effortlessly.

Look 1: Let’s start simple: Checks. I just LOVE checked shirts. I cannot seem to have enough of them in my wardrobe. However, sometimes, especially in summer, I find that even my checked cotton shirts become too heavy to sport. So when there’s a checked shirt in a light and airy linen, I’m hardly one to say no.

A traditional blue and white Madras checked linen shirt, which I paired with comfy and soft navy chinos. Easy and elegant. I prefer to not tuck in my shirt, in this case, to keep it casual.

If, however, you want to dress up the look, just a wee bit, you can tuck your shirt into your chinos. Break the monotony of blue with a thin tan leather belt like I did here.

Look 2: I kept the very same navy chinos and swapped the checked shirt for a delightful horizontal striped linen shirt. I just love the nautical, breezy feel of this shirt. When it comes to full sleeve shirts, I almost always roll up my sleeves, except when I am wearing a blazer or a suit. If the shirt has an inner cuff lining, like this one does, try to roll it up in such a way that it shows. Remember, these are the small details of men’s fashion that really do matter.

Look 3: This look is not too different from the first look. I took a pink and blue Madras checked linen shirt, paired it with the very same navy chinos but accessorised it with a fedora hat. It might make me look like a New York hipster, but hey, who’s complaining.

Look 4: Anchors, anchors, anchors. Did I mention that this is my all-time favourite print? Imagine my delight when I found a linen shirt with anchors splashed all over it. In keeping with the nautical theme, I paired it with old-fashioned chinos and a pair of canvas sneakers. From a yacht party to the city streets in an instant – quite easily done.

Look 5: Finally, a simple look with a gingham checked linen shirt. In case you were wondering, the gingham check is a variety of checks, which can be instantly recognised by its alternating colour pattern. There is no right or wrong side in terms of a gingham’s colour. Gingham checks vary in size. This shirt that I wore – mildly reminiscent of a vintage tablecloth pattern – Once again paired with simple chinos and a pair of canvas sneakers for an easy, casual chic look.

Watch this space for more lessons in linen.

Riaan George

The Grooming Guru

Photo Credit – Daniel Bitton, Paris

Lessons in Linen 2: Tucked or Untucked


Hey Guys. Welcome back to our lessons in linen. Today, I’d like to talk about an important issue that often plagues guys when they have to put a look together. When should I leave my shirt untucked and when should I tuck it in? Unfortunately, many guys do end up getting this wrong as linen can be quite tricky to carry off.

Today, I am going to tackle this question keeping in mind your collection of LINEN shirts. We’ll save the discussion on tucking in regular cotton shirts for another time. Here are a few broad rules that I’d like to lay down for you.

Tucked In: On a casual look, like this one. Tuck your shirt into your classic beige chinos and accessorise with a nice fabric belt and boat shoes. The mini anchor print on my shirt is actually quite well complemented by the simplicity of the chinos. Similarly, if you’ve got bold checks or stripes, it is a good idea to tuck your shirt into your chinos. This is actually a nice look for your workplace, if you are indeed allowed to dress casually to work. It does not come across as too casual and has just the right dose of ‘dressed up’. You could even throw on a hat for some fun.

Untucked:When you really want to go easy and comfortable. Over a pair of jeans or just your favourite chinos. You can’t go wrong. It is very, very casual and can actually be used as a slightly dressier option for a tee-shirt. Remember, if you are wearing an untucked linen shirt, try and opt for a slimmer fit so it doesn’t make you look too shabby and boxy.

Note: an untucked linen shirt is a great trick if you have a slight belly to hide. Lately, I have developed a slight belly, which is why, as far as possible; I try to keep my linen shirts untucked.

Untucked: When you’re wearing a solid coloured jumper or sweatshirt over your shirt, leave it untucked and pull the shirt out from under your jumper to let the colour show. A little peek of the shirt from under your jacket, along with the visible collar makes for a nice effect.

Tucked: When you’ve got to pair it with a blazer. I’ve seen guys wearing a loose linen shirt, untucked, with a blazer. I personally am not very fond of the look. But if it works for you then that’s fine. My preference is to always keep it tucked in when there’s a blazer involved. It just looks smarter and sharper. Remember to opt for a belt that stands out and breaks the look into two clear halves – the shirt and the pant. In this case, I opted for a simple tan belt to complement my tan shoes. My belt is simple but makes a statement.

Untucked : Over denims. Once again, you are not bound by this rule, but this is just now I prefer it. In this case, I am wearing a super simple linen shirt because I want to showcase my denims – note how I have chosen to fold the bottom of the jeans up to add a nice touch – and my tan leather lace-up shoes.

Stay tuned for more lessons in linen… the next time I shall be talking about wearing linen under a suit. Watch this space…

Photo Credit – Daniel Bitton, Paris

Lessons in Linen 3: Pairing Linen With A Suit


Hey Guys. I hope you’ve been enjoying our on-going linen series, giving you the lowdown on just how you can make linen look absolutely effortless in your summer wardrobe.

Would you believe if I told you that I once disliked linen in any form? I used to find it shabby and unflattering. But in hindsight, I obviously wasn’t wearing it right.

This summer, I’ve discovered an interesting trick – wearing smart linen shirts under my suit. Yes, that’s my new thing!

I’ve ditched my regular cotton shirts for a collection of linen shirts, which I’ve been generously pairing with my suits. I work in the media where I’m not required to wear a tie so this is absolutely perfect for me.

If not entire suits, I’ve also been wearing a linen shirt with jeans and a blazer. After all, you can never go wrong with a combination like denim and linen. Or maybe even dark chinos, like I’ve done in these photographs.

The trick is to keep your linen shirts simple and elegant, without making too much of a statement. Let the quality of the linen speak for itself.

Remember that when you are wearing a linen shirt under a suit jacket or blazer, to stick to a slimmer fit, so that the soft linen doesn’t bundle up under the jacket.

Needless to say, your belt and shoes must make a statement as well.

Note: the linen shirt under a suit works best if you don’t have to wear a tie. So I recommend not pairing a linen shirt with a tie. It will only spoil the effect.

NEVER: wear a vest or an undershirt under your linen shirt. That is a HUGE style faux pas. It spoils the light, airy feel of the linen and defeats the purpose. That said, make sure you do all you can to stay dry. Sweat patches on a linen shirt are a strict NO NO.

Photo Credit – Daniel Bitton, Paris